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Globally, the diets of more than 2 billion people are lacking in critical micronutrients. Women often suffer from an insufficient intake of important nutrients because of a poor, monotonous diet. Sustained lack of vital nutrients, especially for women during pregnancy, increases the likelihood that a child is born premature, with low birth weight or stillborn as well as heightens the risk for child and mother’s mortality.

In Ghana, despite two decades of sustained economic growth and reductions in some forms of malnutrition, progress on minimizing micronutrient deficiencies has been slow. Over 40% of women were found to be overweight/obese and 50% of women suffer from anemia and iodine deficiency. In pre-school age children, data indicates that 66% are anemic, and roughly 30% suffer from iron and vitamin A deficiency, indicating the gravity of the double burden of malnutrition among the Ghanaian population. Current interventions and investments in improving nutrition are not sufficient and approaching malnutrition with business as usual approach is not enough. There is an urgent need for disruptive, scalable & innovative solutions.

Sight and Life in collaboration with McGill University, Association of Ghana Industries and Obaasima is inviting ideas from students, young professionals and entrepreneurs to provide disruptive solutions on aspirational and affordable nutritious food products to eliminate malnutrition in all its forms.